The Creation Fund, a unique catalyst!


The Museum recently put up a Creation Fund, that will support the Creation and Innovation Department in its projects. Nowadays, to survive and keep growing, one has to go ahead of the technology wave, and it speeds up constantly. The Creation Fund will act as a creation catalyst, allowing the team to learn and master the newest fishes in the sea of technological means.

The Creation and Innovation Department produces and manages the Museum’s exhibitions. It creates and builds travelling and permanent exhibitions for other organizations located in Canada and elsewhere.

The Museum has developed a unique expertise in the creation, design, fabrication and tour management of small and mid-sized travelling exhibitions. It benefits from a group of exceptional professionals as well as passionate artists and creators coming from a variety of fields : communication specialist, designer, graphic designer, woodworkers, model makers, electronic and software developpers, etc. A unique and highly specialized team recognized for its expertise, competencies and flexibility.