The Nature Library

The Nature Library… a loan from nature

What child (or adult for that matter!) has never collected leaves, rocks or seashells – treasured items borrowed from nature? The Nature Library is a unique, innovative area where users come to “legally” borrow elements from nature and learn about the natural world. This “nature library” enables youngsters to possess part of nature for a set period of time and thus discover different aspects of nature. The “Nature Library” respects provincial and federal nature conservation legislation and expects users to do likewise. In doing so, we work in collaboration with the Estrie wildlife protection branch of the provincial Department of Natural Resources and Wildlife.

This service is primarily intended for youth, teachers, daycare workers, summer camp counsellors, Scouts, and other museums.

To be eligible for the loan service, a user must be a member of the Sherbrooke Museum of Nature and Science, i.e. must pay the annual membership for their category.

For more information or for a reservation, please ask a Museum guide

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