Exhibitions for rent

SUPER CELLS The Power of Stem Cells
Each of us is the result of a handful of tiny stem cells that multiplied to produce the 200 types...
Illegal, le trafic animal
Illegal Killer Trade
Animal lovers choose a travel destination and begin an adventure.  You will have to pass through customs, but before you...
The Perfect Match Sport vs Science
The Perfect Match is a participative exhibition for the whole family that explains how science and technology have contributed to...
Tales of Fantasy, our Myths and Legends
As the first mean of literacy for the people, legends have been created at first, to be told orally. Transmitted...
Animal Gibberish, subtitled for humans
What are they saying? Animals express themselves in many ways to convey simple messages, such as “I like you,” “Danger!”...
True or False The Fun Science Exhibition
Touching a toad gives warts. You produce more earwax when you are stressed out. Eating cheese after a meal prevents...
Clovis – Caribou hunters
About 15,000 years ago, glaciers started to move out of Canada’s southern part, thus leaving the space for tundra to...
WHEN PAPER IS A FAMILY AFFAIR A family that extends from Bathurst to Thunder Bay, passing through Kénogami and Windsor....
Worlds of the Night
At night, while many animals sleep, others get busy. Who are they? Why are they not sleeping? How can they...
Vaccines. Explore, understand, choose
Demystify vaccination through the drawings of Jacques Goldstyn, the illustrator behind Les Débrouillards. Get ready – you will go on an...
Disheveling! An extraordinHAIRY exhibition!
Whether you have brown, blond, salt and pepper or even no hair, you will be interested in this scientific exhibit...
VibraSOUND, The sounds we hear
Download the promotional sheet of our new travelling exhibition! We are currently looking for funding.
Biomimicry: Innovation by Imitation
Download the promotional sheet of the new travelling exhibition Biomimicry by the Musée J. Armand Bombardier, in collaboration with the Sherbrooke Museum...