Exhibitions by size


Area in square meters

Area in square feet

ANIMAL GIBBERISH Subtitled for humans 100 m2 1 075 ft2
CLOVIS – Caribou hunters 120 m2 1 300 ft2
THE PERFECT MATCH: Sport vs science 120 m2. 1 300 ft2
TRUE OR FALSE The fun science exhibition 120 m2 1 300 ft2
Worlds of the Night 120 m2 1 300 ft2
GENERATIONS When paper is a family affair 125 m2 1 345 ft2
ILLEGAL Killer Trade 125 m2 1 345 ft2
Tales of Fantasy, Our Myths and Legends 150 m2 1 615 ft2
SUPER CELLS The Power of Stem Cells 150 m2 1 615 ft2

All our exhibitions are composed of many free-standing modules that can be placed differently depending on the shape of the room. For each rental, our designer makes a detailed room plan following the client’s needs.