Our team

JULIE SHAFFER, Director of Exhibitions

Julie Shaffer has been working at the Museum of Nature and Science for twenty five years. She has strong expertise in the popularization of science and in project management. She has created and coordinated many traveling science exhibitions, two of which are international co-productions. A number of these exhibitions have been awarded prizes for excellence in the field of environment and as well as for scientific communications. From 1999 to 2003, Julie was responsible for the planning, design and construction of the new  museum facility, which won the Prix d’excellence from the Canadian Museums Association and the Gold Medal at Quebec’s Grand prix du tourisme festivities in 2003. In addition to her great professional abilities, Julie travels around the world in search of inspiration and new ideas.
As Director of Exhibitions, she represents the client and has to directly challenge the team’s creativity. She participates actively to the museum’s development by searching for contracts. She manages the exhibition tour service and a team of two professionals: the Scientific Research Specialist and the Exhibition Tour Coordinator. Her team is completed with internal or external resources depending on the needs.

MARIE-CLAUDE LETARTE, Director of Production

With a Master’s degree in history from the Université Laval in Quebec City and a certificate in cinematography studies, she benefits from more than sixteen years of scientific museology under her belt. She has worked in turn for the Museum of Civilization, the McCord Museum of Canadian History and the Sherbrooke Historical Society. Like a true orchestra conductor, Marie-Claude has managed the conception and production of more than thirty exhibitions. Her experience and strong knowledge of the exhibition production process allow her to manage budgets and schedules very efficiently.
As Director of Production, she plans, directs, organizes and controls exhibition production projects and other related products and services offered by her team. She’s in charge of assigning mandates for the production, of budgets and schedules. She plans, stimulates and supervises research and development activities. She participates actively to the museum’s development by searching for funding. She directs a team of seven people: the designer, graphic designer, carpenters, electronic and multimedia developpers as well as exhibition tour supervisors.

MANON LEBEAU, Exhibition Tour Coordinator

Manon is in charge of the overall planning and logistics management of more than 20 travelling exhibitions in Canada, Europe and the USA. She also manages the international shipping aspects of exhibitions as well as customs and special certificates (CITES) needed for specific artifacts.  Manon offers exceptional and extremely efficient services to her customers.  She is well perceived by host institutions for a quick turnaround time, her professionalism and utmost efficiency.


Our workshop technicians make the exhibition furniture, decor and accessories, which are varied and original, interactive and modular. They do the crating, handling, transport, setup and dismantling of the exhibitions. They travel across the country and beyond to ensure proper installation and efficient dismantling of exhibitions.  They also all possess expertise and can make on-site repairs to insure proper maintenance of the travelling exhibitions. Expertise, flexibility  and an attention to details are recognized qualities of our team of supervisors appreciated by host institutions. Richard Dupuis, Electronic technician, makes and repairs electronic equipement as well.

LUC LAPOINTE AND RICHARD DUPUIS, Electronic and multimedia developpers

KATY CRÉPEAU, Scientific Research Specialist

Holding a Master’s degree in environmental studies, a Bachelor’s degree in science and a teaching certificate, Katy as the exceptional ability of being able to popularize scientific knowledge so that it becomes available and easy to grasp for all.  She works on content research, storyboarding, writing texts and scenarios with the help of scientific committees. Full of imagination, she creates while putting herself in the visitor’s shoe so that the experience can be unique and memorable.  She particularly likes using new technology as well as toys for kids which increases participation and interactivity.


Caroline specializes in traveling exhibition production and design. Her expertise in the areas of planning, design and layout, as well as her acute technical knowledge of materials is unique. She also brings exceptional artistic abilities to the team.  Caroline designed over 40 exhibitions for the Museum.  Each of them, are unique, original with a strong emphasis on ambiance and visitor experience.


We owe our success to our multidiciplinary team of dedicated professionals providing creativity, rigor and flexibility!