Turn-key projects

Each year, the Museum realizes numerous projects for museums, science and discovery centres, municipalities, universities and many other groups.
 Its productions distinguish themselves from the competition with uniqueness, quality, durability but above all by the warmth and richness of its visitor experience.

The Museum designs and builds various elements and modules such as:

  • Exhibitions (temporary, travelling, permanent, virtual)
  • Cabinets
  • Multimedia stations
  • Kiosks
  • Interpretive panels
  • Scale models and reproductions
  • Applications for interactive (touch) screens and pads
  • Theater decor
  • Educational programs and Educational kits

Based on the needs of each client, the Museum will create turnkey or customized projects . Among other services:

  • Documentation research and iconographic studies
  • Objects research
  • Negotiation of reproduction rights
  • Exhibition storyboarding
  • Text editing
  • Design and construction plans
  • Graphic arts and computer graphics
  • Design and construction of furniture, decor, cabinets
  • Creation of mechanical, electronic and multimedia interactive games
  • Set-up and installation

 The team:production