About 15,000 years ago, glaciers started to move out of Canada’s southern part, thus leaving the space for tundra to grow. Three thousand years later, around 12,000 years before today, hunters coming from New-England in the United States took advantage of mild summer days to venture to the north to hunt caribous. They reached the Megantic region in Quebec. Since the place seemed favorable for hunting, they stayed for a while. They were among the first humans to stay in eastern Canada. Archeologists define them as Paleo-Indians descendant from the Clovis culture. They left marks of their passage, fluted points and stone tools, that allowed archeologists to reconstitute their lifestyle.

CLOVIS — THE CARIBOU HUNTERS unfolds in two scenes. The first transports us 12,000 years back in time in the tundra to discover the lifestyle of the first nomads to have roamed the south-east of Canada. The second scene brings us back to present time, with the archeologists who discovered and interpreted the clues of the passage of these first occupants. A great archeofantastic adventure!


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  • Ideal space: 120 m2 or 1290 ft2
  • Ideal ceiling height: 2,45 m or 8 ft


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