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Special tours give participants the opportunity to explore behind the scenes at the Museum, where they may discover the steps involved in the design and development of an exhibition, and visit the section where the collection’s specimens are conserved and restored, while having the opportunity to chat with the various staff members who make this wonderful museum adventure possible.

Visitors will be introduced to the Museum’s reserve collection, where the curator and his team of technicians will provide information on the techniques used during the restoration and conservation of the various items in the collections. The tour will continue in the production workshops where a woodworker will talk about the various stages and the work involved in the development of an exhibition.

This unique tour will conclude with an exploration of the various exhibition rooms.


Fees for tourist group (Adults ) minimum/group fee/participants
1 animation and / or self guided 15 $10
Professional guide 1 / 15 Free

Prices excluding taxes (GST 5 %, QST 9,5 %)
Please note:
All schedules and fees are subject to change without notice. Events held and schedules for special activities or animations are subject to cancellation or changes due to weather conditions and/or technical malfunctions. All prices are in CAD $.If you cancel your event less than one week before your scheduled date, we will charge the minimum fee.

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