Create passion and interest for nature and sciences through a dynamic and accessible model for spreading knowledge to all and increase the visibility of collections from natural heritage.

Historical background

In the Fall of 2002, after over 120 years of promoting the conservation and creating passion for natural sciences as a school museum, the Musée du Séminaire de Sherbrooke moved into a newly renovated building overlooking the majestic Magog river gorge and became the Musée de la nature et des sciences. The portion of the former textile mill which the museum recently acquired allows for better working conditions, improved conservation areas and increased the visitor experience at the same time. The new site allows the population to have access to new public grounds of unique beauty and appeal right in the heart of downtown Sherbrooke. In 2004, the Museum won the Grands prix du Tourisme québécois’s Lauréat Or prize in the “Tourist Attraction – under 50 000 visitors” category. This honour helped the Museum become better known as a tourist attraction offering a variety of products, such as field trips, seminars, children’s parties, the nature counter, and much more. Working tirelessly to accomplish numerous projects, the team is dedicated to providing quality, original services. This is how the Sherbrooke Museum of Nature and Science became the first museum in Quebec to be granted “Qualité tourisme” certification by Quebec’s Department of Tourism.

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