Board of directors

The Museum is a non-profit institution registered in Canada and managed by a board of directors made up of volunteers.  Its annual budget exceeds 2,2 million $ and the third of it comes from grants and subsidies from government entities while the remaining two thirds come from independent sources such as sponsorships, special project grants and private funding.

Each year, the Museum welcomes over 40 000 visitors and its exhibitions are experienced by over 1.5 million visitors across Canada in various museums, science and discovery centres and exhibition sites.

Tourism Quality certified by the Ministère du Tourisme du Québec, all its services tend towards excellence.  They are guided by a sustainable development policy, constantly evolving and always updated to the latest standards.

The board of directors consists of 12 members:

  • Mrs Suzanne Bernard, president
  • Mr Jean Goulet, vice-president
  • Mrs Michelle Bélanger, chief executive director
  • Mr Gerald Cutting, secretary
  • Mr Nicolas Michaud, treasurer
  • Mr Denis L. Blouin, trustee
  • Mrs Manon Desaulniers, trustee
  • Mrs Anylène Carpentier, trustee
  • Mr Charles Custeau, trustee
  • Mr René Houle, trustee
  • Mrs Marie-Josée Mayrand, trustee
  • Mrs Stéphanie Waeterloos, trustee