Management team



Under the executive management of Michelle Bélanger, the Museum shows a tri-divisional museological structure, namely :

Conservation, Education/customer service, Exhibition Production Centre

The Museum also has three divisional departments : The Workshop, Building divisions,


Under the guidance and management of Serge Gauthier, Curator, the impressive collections of the Museum now total over 65 000 specimens and objects of great scientific value for the natural sciences.

Most of this collection came from various educational institutions of the mid-19th century and have been improved with the acquisition of incredible pieces of scientific and historical value for over a 130 years.  The diversity of fauna and flora of Quebec and Canada is extremely well represented at the Musée. Many specimens and objects also come from other parts of the Americas and even other continents.  Aside from its traditional conservation and management duties, this division also answers requests from the general public and collaborates closely with professionals as well as other museums or research institutions

Education/customer service

Under the management of Fanny Bluteau, this dynamic division is in charge of the whole museum programming and outreach activities of the Museum.  The follow-up on traveling exhibition bookings at the Museum, the permanent exhibition management, the selection of traveling exhibitions to be presented in the Museum’s galleries, development of all the education programs for the school groups and the general public are all elements managed by this team of dedicated professionals.  Outreach programs, local outdoor events also fall under this department.   Their goal, among others, is to create interest of young visitors for nature and science related subjects.

Exhibition Production Centre

This unique multidisciplinary team is under the management of Julie Shaffer.  Since 1984, it has been Canada’s leader in the production of small and mid-size traveling exhibitions.  EPC has a talented group of professionals in a great variety of important fields for exhibition design and tour management.  From research to concepts and fabrication to graphic design and architecture, this team takes charge of all the steps necessary to create fascinating and unique travelling exhibitions.   As Canada’s leader, EPC provides Canadians with more than 20 different traveling exhibitions related to nature, the natural sciences or the environment.  Our exhibitions are presented in some of the most prestigious institutions in Canada and even in the USA and Europe.

The Workshop

Marie-Claude Letarte manages the team that makes these exhibitions come to life.   Magic is made through the expert hands of experienced woodworkers and technicians that are in charge of fabricating the modules, creating the atmosphere and maintaining the beauty and reliability of the Museum’s exhibitions.  These artists are specialists for creating furniture, sceneries, decorations, modules and interactive.  Each exhibition and each element are made to order and require special care.The team is also in charge of setting-up and dismantling travelling exhibitions on site at our client’s locations.

Buildings and ground

Guylaine Ruest is in charge of the day-to-day management of our buildings and grounds.  She oversees the material resources and the organizational structure of the maintenance and manages the use of rooms, galleries, offices and equipments of the Museum.  She is also in charge of renting the famous galleries and rooms overlooking the river.  Corporate activities also fall under her duties as well as the membership efforts, security and administrative services.