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Are you mounting an exhibit? The solution: free-standing picture display units.

Enhance the look of your exhibit with free-standing picture display units (hanging panels) available for lease from the Musée de la nature et des sciences in Sherbrooke. Perfect for your painting or photo exhibit, these picture display units are equipped with directional lighting and will accentuate the artwork presented, giving your event a professional look.

The panels can be assembled in a number of ways, providing a unique design for your exhibit. Both sides can be used, making it possible to plan a specific sequence in which visitors view your exhibit. Three display windows that can accommodate 3-D works are also available.

Technical details:

Materials: 50 plywood panels, painted ivory, each installed between two sturdy ash posts.
Size:  48 in. by 48 in. hanging surface, with ash posts 85½ in. high.
Rental fee: $60 per panel – includes installation, dismantling and transportation anywhere within the Sherbrooke area.
Complementary service: A customized layout plan prepared by the museum’s designer.

Unit rental images

For more information or to reserve, please ask

Gilles McInnis

Tel.: 819-564-3200, ext. 252
Toll free: 1-877-434-3200, ext. 252
Fax: 819-564-0287
E-mail: gilles.mcinnis@naturesciences.qc.ca

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